November 1, 2016

Are you looking for a VB.NET or ASP .NET programmer?

In-house applications developed by our .NET programmers

.NET programmeur

A .NET programmer develops powerful programs such as web applications (ASP.NET) and desktop applications (VB.NET). The .NET software framework ensures a seamless interaction between the different programs and libraries.

VB.NET can be viewed as VBA’s big brother and with this is the ideal programming language when you want to convert your existing Microsoft Office to its own application.

Access your software from anywhere with ASP.NET

An ASP.NET application can have the same functionality as your Microsoft Office application, only then via a web browser with all the advantages of working online. If desired, our .NET programmers will expand your program with a table or smartphone app. Wherever your employees may be located, they will have access at all times and from everywhere.

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