October 31, 2016

Microsoft Access is the #1 desktop software development platform

Microsoft Access & VBA as the ‘digital connection’ between your corporate applications

Draaitabellen in MS Access
Microsoft Access is part of the group of office automation software of Microsoft Office with which you can easily manage data in a database. For example, you can track inventory, document agreements with your customers, set up complex Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems or maintain orders. And the convenient aspect is that it happens precisely according to the processes in your company. Quickly and completely built to your specifications.


What is thought up today can already have been programmed in Microsoft Access by tomorrow.

Microsoft Access is the ideal development tool in order to connect various existing corporate applications with each other. This can for example be implemented by placing a direct link to another software suite with ODBC. Or by means of export files in csv or xlsx format, which are read in by Access. The powerful programming language VBA does precisely what you want with the data. With the results, you can regain a handle on things.

Geschiedenis van MS Access

For instance reports, mailings, customer relationship management, inventory administration, offers and invoices. Everything is possible.

Microsoft Access is part of the Microsoft Office suite and with Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) has possibilities for both communicating with other Microsoft Office programs as well as exchanging data with them. In turn, this saves a considerable amount of programming time. Combine the power of Microsoft Office with the possibilities of professional tailor-made software.

“You can use Microsoft Access for desktop software,
but also for a professional web application. Or both!

A few possibilities of Microsoft Access

A number of examples of Microsoft Access databases that we have implemented in collaboration with our customers:

  • Order administration
  • Automatic file conversion
  • Financial reports
  • Hour registration
  • Cost analysis
  • Access in the cloud (Access 2 Web)

Do it yourself or have it done? 

Florijn Office Profs

Since 1998, we have had an impressive list of more than 500 Access applications developed by our professionals for around 500 customers.

DIY Microsoft Access

For the layperson, programming on your own is a time-consuming and complicated task. Some problems that are difficult to solve can sometimes require a great deal of time, but once it finally works, as a programmer you are very proud of what you have achieved. Each time you learn a little bit more and in this manner you reap success for the colleagues that have to work with it. Things only become really difficult when data in Access goes “haywire”. Then the evening is often not long enough to get the software running again and what initially seemed like an ideal solution has developed into a complex problem. After all, you still have to finish your own work as well.

Hiring a Microsoft Access programmer

Instead of doing it yourself, you can also hire a Microsoft Access programmer, for example for the support of your existing software. But in many cases, a Microsoft Access expert is also sought for the development of a new Access application. We develop Access databases with their own data storage in the Microsoft Access file on your server. But we also have specialists who are well versed in applications such as Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle MySQL or Microsoft SharePoint Online as a backend. With “backend” we refer to the location where the data is stored: The tables with your valuable data.

We have already developed 500 Microsoft Access databases

Since 1998, we have had an impressive list of more than 500 Access applications developed by our professionals for around 500 customers. Everything about these can be found in the case studies of the customers that have preceded you. In addition to the programming in Microsoft Access, most Microsoft Access specialists are also well versed in other Microsoft Office programs such as Microsoft Excel, Word and Outlook.

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