November 1, 2016

Are you looking for a Microsoft Word programmer?

Microsoft Word Programmeur

Microsoft Word is more than a mere word processor

Most users only utilise a tiny fraction of the possibilities offered by Microsoft Office. And this stands in stark contrast to the design of Microsoft Office, which has been specifically created to bundle the strengths as you need them.

For example: The tight control of your corporate identity is of great importance for a professional appearance towards the companies with which you work. Once rules have been set in regard to corporate identity, these are often poorly observed by employees. And before you know it, each employee follows his own manner of communicating. This can be prevented by using a good corporate identity tool in Microsoft Word. Our programmers can develop this for you.

A number of examples of Microsoft Word integration that we have implemented for our customers:

  • Integration of corporate identity templates in Word
  • Modular mail merge to Word, using the addresses from a Microsoft Access file, Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Outlook
  • Modular mail merging to Outlook: Frequently used for instance for the sending of a newsletter to a batch of recipients
  • Automatic file naming and storage, possibly set up according to a specific directory structure;

The Microsoft Word professionals of Florijn Business Solutions will make precisely that what you have in mind.

Please feel free to contact us for an appointment without any obligations. We would be happy to see what we can do for you in the course of a meeting.