November 1, 2016

Are you looking for a Microsoft Outlook specialist?

Complete your workflow with Microsoft Outlook integration in collaboration with a Microsoft Outlook specialist.

Outlook specialist

Many people are unaware that Microsoft Outlook cooperates very well with other Office applications. For instance, the preparation of offers with Microsoft Access. Our Microsoft Outlook specialists will develop your Microsoft Outlook in VBA so you can draft an e-mail to your customer with the push of a button and attach your offer in any desired format. As a result, you can work even more quickly and efficiently.

The basis for smart linking lies in our experienced VBA programmers, who can quickly and efficiently create such a link in your existing Microsoft Office suite. These Microsoft Outlook specialists can integrate Microsoft Outlook in other Office applications that you are already using.

A number of examples of Microsoft Outlook integration:

  • Automatic mailing to the stakeholders within your project
  • Send e-mails to your customers directly from Microsoft Access with the required PDF, Word or Excel files.

Give your workflow the efficiency it deserves. Please feel free to contact us for an appointment without any obligations. We would be happy to see what we can do for you in the course of a meeting.