October 31, 2016

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Excel Expert

Microsoft Excel is one of the programs of the Microsoft Office suite that is often utilised as a calculation program. Examples could be the automation of repetitive actions that enable enormous time-savings or can generate reports and/or dashboards with a good layout. Or special financial models provided by our Financials4Excel experts.

In combination with the programming language Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), you can fully automate Microsoft Excel. Within a few seconds you can achieve the desired result and in this manner save time.

Microsoft Excel Power BI for Business Analytics

Microsoft Excel Power BI facilitates performing thorough analyses within Microsoft Excel. There are separate software packages available, which have been specifically designed for BI purposes, but these do not always integrate seamlessly with existing (Office) packages. With Power BI for Microsoft Excel, Microsoft has created a fully transparent manner of performing analyses and processing statistics for the corporate market. Is Power BI the best solution? This depends on where your priorities lie. There are separate packages that offer more functionality, but at a certain point you will have to export and publish the data. Microsoft offers a solution that is integrated in the existing programs with which you can save time.

“You can hire a Microsoft Excel expert
for large and (very) small assignments.”


Power BI workflow

When you begin working with Microsoft Excel Power BI, you will start in the desktop software or in one of the more than 50 applications that support Power BI. This data can be forwarded to the central server where the information of the entire organization is stored. From the central server, the output can subsequently be sent to the recipient. This can be both for specific members of staff and departments as well as externally for customers and buyers. The data is available worldwide via the cloud and can be read in by virtually any device. Who is granted access to which specific information is determined via the central server.


Florijn Business Solutions provides specialists in the programming in Microsoft Excel. A number of examples of Microsoft Excel that we have implemented for our customers:

    • Liquidity estimation
    • Accounting
    • CRM system
    • Complex financial reports
    • Logistics administration
    • Linking Excel to existing software (Excel2Actuals & Budget2Actuals)

View our short film on Budget2Actuals:

Do you want to hire a Microsoft Excel programmer in order to adapt a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet? Or are you perhaps looking for a Microsoft Excel specialist for the development of a new extensive Microsoft Excel spreadsheet with a link to data from existing software and complex dashboarding? For example for management reports or in order to make decisions on your operational management? Then you are at the right address at Florijn Business Solutions OfficeProfs! You can contact us via the telephone or complete the contact form shown below; we strive to answers all inquiries within a single working day.


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