May 2, 2017

Are you looking for a Microsoft Access programmer?

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The best Dutch Microsoft Access experts under a single roof!

You are looking for a professional Microsoft Access programmer. Someone who will take away all of your worries. A real professional, who knows the ins and outs of Microsoft Access like no other and uses it to program quickly, effectively and expertly?

Low maintenance and proven quality professionals

florijn_access_2103Florijn OfficeProfs features a team of around 30 Microsoft Access specialists. They are all freelancers who in the past 10 years have been selected by us and have collaborated with us, as a result of which we know them very well. You can benefit from this knowledge and experience, because we guarantee the perfect match between your particular requirement and the specialist best suited for the job.

In turn, each programmer has their own sub-specialisation(s). They all have excellent communication skills and will accompany you through the entire process from prototyping to developing, and from support to the maintenance of your Access application. As a result, we also refer to them as self-directed software developers.

May we introduce ourselves in a video that is one and a half minutes long?

Our recruiters are themselves Microsoft Access / VBA specialists. They know exactly what our professionals can do and will understand your problem like no other. This is our guarantee that we will always find a perfect match between your software requirements on the one hand, and our professionals on the other.

In short: We have already found the programmer you are looking for…

Our 3 Microsoft Access software services:





A resourceful employee in your organization or a freelance programmer has developed an application in Microsoft Access. Now, a few years later, various colleagues work with the software and your operational management has become dependent on it. 

 Zij lossen uw softwareprobleem snel en efficient op zodat uw processen weer door kunnen.

And then it happens. That resourceful employee or freelancer is no longer available for some reason. You are at a loss of what to do, because what initially seemed like an ideal solution is now an insurmountable problem.

But not to our OfficeProfs, who are all experienced and each and everyone is trained at an expert level in Microsoft Access / VBA / SQL Server. They will quickly and efficiently solve your specific software problem, ensuring that your processes can run again. And allowing you to relax once again.

Stop struggling with Microsoft Access on your own. It consumes a vast amount of time and programming errors can occur at any point. Often with disastrous results.


Expert support of your Microsoft Access database, no matter how small or how big your problem may seem. And if required, they will solve support issues on a regular basis. But we will also be happy to enter extensive maintenance agreements for peace of mind (SLA – Service Level Agreement for Microsoft Access). We will take away any worries you might have and you can rest assured that you will always have correctly functioning software.

Development of new software modules in Microsoft Access

One of the great features of Microsoft Access is that it easily grows along with your corporate processes. However, the growth of the software must occur in a professional manner. Because no matter how easy the programming in Microsoft Access may seem, there is a certain degree of risk involved, as a small error can have disastrous consequences.

Standard development method

Florijn’s OfficeProfs work according to a standard software development method. They all have a minimum of 7 years of full time verifiable experience in the development of Access software. Your guarantee for trouble-free software development.

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Describe your problem in Microsoft Access and we will respond within a shift, free of charge and non-binding with a suitable solution.

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    Many companies still choose Microsoft Access in order to quickly and reliably create desktop software for the support of corporate processes. Microsoft Access is still supported by Microsoft, which shows that the choice for Access is a choice for the future. Especially now that there are an increasing number of possibilities for using Access (in part) in the cloud.

    Access Programmeur
    Access programmer

    Thorough expert knowledge on Microsoft Access

    As applies to all software development: It is a profession. Quickly putting together corporate software on your own is more complicated than it initially seems and can be risky. Our Microsoft Access programmers in many cases have already completed dozens of projects and know like no other how to successfully execute your software project.

    good idea

    Clear step-by-step plan and development method

    Before a single character can be programmed, they will first make an inventory of all specifications. At the same time, this serves as a feasibility study. With dummy screens and written out specifications, your software will increasingly take form.

    Read more about our standard procedure here, our guarantee for trouble-free software development.

    Only when this has been worked out and you agree, will we program your Microsoft Access database. With a modern design and often at a fixed price.


    CALL NOW: 020 6 254 254

    Describe your software wishes in a few short sentences. We will contact you within a shift with a solution.

    The first brainstorming session is free of charge and is non-binding. It provides a good impression of what you can expect in regard to time and expenditure.

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      Are you looking for a manner in order to also use Microsoft Access as a web application? Enabling everyone, provided there is an Internet connection, to work with the software. Not only where Access is installed, but anywhere on the globe and additionally on any device. Thus on a PC, smartphone or tablet PC.

      This is now easily possible with our specialisation Access2Web®! 

      With its subsidiary ENDROiT Web & App Development , Florijn OfficeProfs has its own team of offshore software developers, who can convert your existing Microsoft Access database to a professional web application or app for your phone or tablet. With this, you can determine who is granted access to which specific information. Highly secured and can be easily expanded when your corporate processes necessitate this.

      A two minute long video on the conversion of Access to a web application


      We would be happy to examine your Microsoft Access database and come up with a ready-made solution in order to convert this. During this process, we can of course take your specific requirements in regard to the software into account in order to immediately adapt it.

      Send your Microsoft Access database to via and we will send you a quote within 24 hours in order to convert this to a web application.

      You will be very pleasantly surprised by the price!

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        Only independently working programmers and DBA-proof

        DBA Wiebes

        Florijn Business Solutions OfficeProfs are only comprised of independently working freelancers. Your guarantee for top quality, because we will only use those again with proven quality. We are DBA-proof. This means that you can hire us without a worry and enjoy all the benefits of having a temporary employee for your assignment.

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        REFERENCES about our OfficeProfs

        The link between the borough of Amsterdam-Oost and Florijn Business Solutions was perfectly set up and our mutual expectations were well managed.”

        Ilan Stoelinga
        Project manager district budget
        Municipality of Amsterdam-Oost

        nordemann Florijn Business Solutions is an expert in Access, understands business reality and is able to deliver within acceptable costs. I can personally recommend Florijn Business Solutions to anyone who wants IT projects to be delivered on time while keeping costs within acceptable limits.
        Ben Nordemann
        Executive Director

        rvdhThe cooperation with Florijn Business Solutions was a very pleasant and professional experience. The team listens well and subsequently translates the business requests into Microsoft Office-related solutions. They coordinate in a timely manner and continuously seek collaboration. Great colleagues!”
        René van der Heijden
        Sr. Financial Controller
        Achmea Hypotheekbank

        FANTASTIC! You have made such great progress, delivered very fine work, my compliments. I am very impressed by your achievements. With this concept my boss will be very pleased 😉 ”

        Asset Management Consultancy