October 4, 2017

Obligationless inventarisation of your software-wishes


Getting clear

At the start of developing tailored software, you often look at a black hole. How long does it take? What will it cost? A first acquaintance with a software expert at Florijn|OfficeProfs is free, without obligation and creates a lot of clarity. It immediately gives direction to your software-needs and will show the impact of time and euros.

But also the following questions..

  1. What is the best approach?
  2. What’s technically possible?
  3. Maybe a Cloud solution after all?
  4. How safe is the data in my software?
  5. What does the first version look like. And what do I want in version 2?
  6. Who will be the owner of the software?

…come to subject.


A well prepared introduction

In order to be able to make a good estimate of how we can best serve you, we ask for your software needs prior to our visit. Please write the following down in bullet-point in maximum 1 A4: 

What are your wishes and requirements according to the MoSCoW model?

  • Must Haves
    These ‘requirements’ must be present in the end result; without these requirements the product is not usable.
  • Should Haves
    These requirements are highly desired, but without them is the product usable.
  • Could Haves
    These requirements will only be addressed if there is time enough.
  • Don’t Haves
    These requirements will not be covered in this project, but may be interesting in the future, in a follow-up project.


QUESTIONS? CALL US: 020 6 254 254

Together we put all the facts in order during the first introductory meeting, followed by our non-binding proposal to with whom and how we can serve you best.

Would you prefer sparring a little by telephone first? Call us on 020-6254 254. A brief conversation can already work very enlightening.