November 3, 2016

Microsoft Office training courses

Many employees do not use their Office programs optimally. This results in the loss of valuable time. Our Office trainers offer tailor-made training courses for your employees.

Tailor-made training courses at your specific location.

From the simple explanation of the basic functions up to the joint development of a data warehouse in Microsoft Access. Our professionals can adapt the training courses to each level and each requirement at your own location.

Microsoft Outlook

The participants of our courses respond with amazement when they discover the true potential of Microsoft Outlook. Microsoft Outlook is capable of much more than basic e-mail and diary functions. During a training course, you will learn about all the applications of e-mail, contact persons, diary and tasks.

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel contains all possibilities in order to introduce computational power, efficiency and structure in your organization. Our professionals will explain the operation of all required functions for each level.

Microsoft Access

Building or adapting a database and using it for the analysis and processing of data may be intimidating to many employees. With our training courses we will teach your employees step-by-step how to understand the subject matter and how to use this powerful software.

Microsoft Word

Most users will have no difficulty writing a document in Microsoft Word. However, often valuable time is lost working on the layout of documents, linking them to external lists or preparing a table of contents. Our experts will explain the operation of the functions.

Save time and money.

Are you looking for a high productivity of your employees and for more efficiency in your company? Do you want to save time and money in the future? Then you might want to consider learning the following skills:

  • Setting up mail merge.
  • Programming in Visual Basic.
  • Developing databases and software.
  • Linking all data in all Microsoft Office programs.

Would you like to receive additional information on training courses for your company? Then please contact us.