3 Reasons why Microsoft Access is suitable for your company

Nothing will get a conversation at the office going as fast then someone saying: ”Hey! Let’s use Microsoft Access”.

Microsoft Access is a great option for companies that are searching for a database solution which can be developed in a short time. Especially when comparing it with other technologies. Because there is no other development software which is able to easily make a connection to other data sources and which will also combine, edit, saves and reports. That is the power of Access!

No idea what can be done? Think of very useful tools like:

• Billing software
• Document management system
• Financial reporting tools

And that is just the tip of the iceberg.

But there is more. Once you’ve switched to Access, you can use your data in conjunction with, for example, Microsoft Power BI. Then it will be really exciting to be able to make dashboards and drill-down analyzes and view colleagues.

Reason 1: MS Access is extremely flexible.

If you develop an Access application and change your needs, Access can help you to develop the improvements immediately. It is built for flexibility. What you think of in the morning can be built and developed in the afternoon. The software is growing with you.

Reason 2: MS Access since 1992 Proven Technology.

Actually thousands of companies make use of the power of MS Access daily. Microsoft has already won the market with version 1 in 1992. Meanwhile, the program has been updated 9 (!) Times, making it robust, reliable and super effective. As a result, MS Access has become the best software development tool for private desktop software development. Completely combined with smart software like Word, Excel and Outlook.

Reason 3: MS Access works with different platforms.

Do you know the term Business Intelligence? Also called BI. The collection and analysis of large amounts of data is now hot. MS Access can help you with your data. For example, in combination with Microsoft Power BI, it’s easy to make analyzes that quickly give you a head start for your competition.

But also connect to cloud computing sources, which makes it easy for web applications to work with your MS Access application. The Best Of Both Worlds.

Access gives you the ability to link data from other platforms, such as SQL Server, SharePoint, ODBC, and other Access
databases. Our MS Access programmers connect these programs to one another using the VBA programming language. Would you like to know more? Contact Aernoud Florijn.

Do you know another reason why, right or wrong, Access is a suitable software platform?

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