October 4, 2017


Our MS Excel Expert connects your Excel sheet to actual data

excel2actuals Excel Expert

Excel2Actuals is a link between MS Excel and your existing software. You get a total and actual (real-life) insight into your business data.

Budget versus actual

Here our MS Excel Experts link the budgeting in MS Excel to your accounting software from, for example, Exact or Accountview. Within a glance you’ll see how your company is doing – compared to the previous year(s) or in relation to the set budget. Also you will gain insight into the development of your profit/liquidity position.

The result is a perfectly working MS Excel sheet, tailored for your situation, in which a dashboard with all relevant data is included.

Excel2Actuals for Scenarioanalyse

Fromout this data a scenario analysis can also be included. This can be for testing of sales increase/decrease in percent or the impact on the liquidity position when making (or not making) a deal.

Would you like to get a better grip on your company data? Feel free to contact us. Our MS Excel Experts gladly explain what Excel2Actuals can do for you.