The privacy law General Data Protection Act (AVG) is at your doorstep

                                                         “Up to a 4% of turnover or up to a 20 million euro fine”

The privacy act is being tightened up. Are you prepared?

On May 25, 2018 the privacy act enters ‘General Regulation Data Protection’ (AVG). This law applies to all countries of the European Union. The Personal Data Protection Act (WBP), which entered into force since 2001, is rapidly outdated by rapid digital changes will no longer apply. The AVG sets stricter requirements and conditions than the WBP.

The Personal Data Protection Authority (AP) takes seriously the privacy of AVG privacy and increases the protection of personal data to a next level. The sanctions for companies are very high.

“Up to a 4% of turnover or up to a 20 million euro fine” NOS (Dutch News Broadcasting company)

Florijn examined how many customers were prepared for the AVG and found that the majority has not taken any action to prepare its systems. As May 2018 is already breathing for a while, we are shocked by this. It is very important that companies get started quickly, so that they avoid sanctions.

“The majority has not taken any action to prepare its systems yet.”

You may work with a housing corporation, healthcare institution, school community or multinational; All organizations that come into contact with personal data are required to comply with the new AVG law and are fined for infringement.



One of the requirements is ‘Privacy by Design’, whereby companies in developing new information systems must ensure that personal data is protected and protected so that no unnecessary information is stored and no data sheets will arise.

Globally, the following requirements apply to your business:

Right of access: Citizens may ask organizations whether these personal data have been recorded by them and if so, which. For this request they do not give reason.

Right to correction and removal: They may also require an organization to improve, supplement, delete or shield their personal data.

Right to data portability: They also have the right to receive personal information that their organization has.

Privacy by design: When designing products and services, you must ensure that personal information is well protected.

Privacy by default: You must take technical and organizational measures to ensure that you, by default, process only personal information necessary for the specific purpose that you want to achieve.

Data protection officer: Organizations have the option of appointing an internal supervisor to the processing of personal data.



Are you still working with an outdated desktop-software? An MS Access developer / MS Access expert / MS Excel expert from Florijn easily builds your MS Access database to save a web application in the cloud, in which your data is completely safe, you do not save any unnecessary data, and you can easily choose who’s available. You can also access your data from any location.

“New information systems may not contain any data leakage”

See here how we can help you secure your business information. 

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See more information about the AVG here. Pay attention to your industry-specific requirements.

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