AVG Privacy: Interview about the most frequently asked questions

Another small 5 months until the new privacy ‘ general regulation on Data protection ‘ (AVG privacy) comes into effect. This law replaces the Personal Data Protection Act (WBP), which entered into force from 2001, and imposes stricter demands on companies working with personal data. 

We receive many questions from our customers regarding data protection. No company wants to be told in May 2018 that they do not meet the AVG privacy and therefore receive fines or a percentage of profits as penalty. Preparation is essential and companies are Hard at work.

ENDROiT Web & App development, the daughter of Florin, builds well-protected cloud databases for customers. However, for each company another security standard applies and the requirements from the Autority Personal Data (yet) not always clear. Therefore we have Maarten the Man of AVG Jurists, specialized in the new privacy, invited to explain the situation for companies once and to clarify what they can do to become AVG compliant.

Do you still work with obsolete desktop software? An MS Access developer / MS Access expert / MS Excel expert Van Florin easily builds your MS Access database to a web application in the cloud, in which your data is completely safe, you do not store unnecessary data and you can easily choose who can join. You can also access your data from anywhere.

View here how we can help you with Secure your business information. 

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