Microsoft stops using Access-based web apps and web databases

Microsoft stops using Access Services for the Web

New Access Apps in SharePoint Online are no longer available and the remaining applications will be removed from the air April 2018.

Microsoft Access Services was once added in SharePoint to enable us to quickly create data-centric Web applications without too much programming work. In recent years it has become clear that user needs Access Services capabilities have risen. There is now more need for mobile device support, integration with business data and enhanced development extensions. Microsoft will therefore stop using Access services and will offer entirely new services.

“This surprise us nothing. We have never seen the usefulness of these services. Customers have always asked for something else, and we like that.

But what if you want to use your Access database (partly) to the Cloud? For example, you can have your database converted from Access database to custom Web application. A Web app has the following benefits;

  • Exact same data as in your old database
  • You have remote access (Cloud-based database)
  • You have access to multiple devices
  • You can choose who may have access to what
  • 24/7 support of our software specialists
  • No expensive MS Access license fees anymore
  • Partially rebuilding Access application possible
  • No longer dependent on a single MS Access programmer
  • Easy to connect with other software
  • Fast turnaround times by our university-trained development team

Florin has been helping companies for years with converting their Access (and Excel) databases to Web applications. Watch a brief explanation in 2 minutes below.

View here How we Help Securely convert your database to Web application. 

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