November 3, 2016

Your Access database as a web application

100% secure access to your Microsoft Access database at all times and from everywhere

Working with Access offers a wide range of possibilities and opportunities. The software can be easily adapted to your specific corporate situation and can easily grow with your company. However, it also has several disadvantages.

Many Access databases are a proliferation of various complex software modules. Different colleagues have sometimes built them, often slightly outdated and no longer meet current standards. The conversion to a web application offers a multitude of advantages.

10 advantages of Microsoft Access as a web application

  1. Can be used worldwide where an Internet connection is available
  2. Your data and software is optimally secured
  3. Personal authorisations can be set easily
  4. 24/7 support by our software specialists
  5. No more expensive Microsoft Access licensing fees
  6. Combination of a tablet, PC and smartphone is possible
  7. Partial conversion of Access application possible
  8. No longer dependent on a single Microsoft Access programmer
  9. Can be easily linked to other software
  10. Fast lead times by our university-trained development team

The #1 method for the conversion of Access to a web application

Using our Access2web® development system, your existing Microsoft Access application is first thoroughly analysed and subsequently converted to a web application. Adjustments in the process can be easily implemented to develop your ideal professional web application.


No more expensive Access licensing fees! 

Immediately usable as portal software

Kill two birds with one stone. Because you determine yourself, who has access to which data, your web application can immediately serve as portal software. Provide all parties involved with a login, with which the information relevant for them can be shared.

access to mobile

Determine yourself which data is available in the cloud

Or perhaps only place a part of your Microsoft Access database in the cloud?

For example in the event of a web application with which your sales force at all times and from everywhere has access to specific central information in your Microsoft Access database, such as the current planning and/or marketing campaigns. It is possible.

Before we start work, we will jointly discuss which parts of the existing Access application should be built in the cloud. In this manner, both applications can utilise the same data.

Aernoud Florijn speaking as the managing director of Florijn|OfficeProfs about the Access to Web method developed in conjunction with ENDROiT


Above, you can see an example of an Access database that has been converted to an Access2Web application.

Your valuable data secure in the cloud

There are countless solutions for the storage of data in the cloud. We will list the possibilities and select the choice best suited for your particular situation. Our preference lies with working with MySQL, which we preferably host at Amazon. Scalable, reliable and therefore 100% secure.

Access in de Cloud

Securely hosting your valuable Microsoft Access data

Your data is a valuable commodity, and you do not want it to fall into the wrong hands. Our software works with different security protocols, for example, single or double sign-in (single or double login, for example, using an SMS code as verification). We can apply different methods to 100% securely store your data in the cloud (for example, encrypted).

Amazon Webservices Hosting

Furthermore, we use hosting providers such as Amazon. This is the Rolls-Royce of data hosting. Compare the remote storage of your data with keeping your money in a bank account. You bring it to a place where it is secure: The bank. The same applies to data. Securely and professionally behind lock and key and only accessible to those with the correct authorisation.

The ENDROiT WebPlatform® as the basis for Access2Web®

Access to web utilises the ENDROiT WebPlatform® as the primary software module, in which all essential functionalities are stored, which are also present in your Access application. Likewise, it features all functions for portal software, which is briefly explained in the 1-minute video shown below. For example logging in with extended authorisation options, forms, list view, reports. But there is also a useful chat function to chat with your colleagues or customers regarding some issues.

View a demo of the ENDROiT web platform as portal software here

Do you require portal functions? The choice is up to you. The WebPlatform is equipped with them. You determine which data you share with whom. 

The ENDROiT WebPlatform® is fully responsive, which means that it adapts to the size of the screen currently in use. This ensures that it immediately works on each device in your organisation (PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet PC). The number of users is unlimited. It is divided into groups with their user rights and as a result is highly suited as a customer portal, patient portal or supplier portal (see the video above). 

The Intellectual Property (IP) of your cloud software

You do not have to worry about the Intellectual Property (IP). At all times, the software is and remains your property and is always available and retrievable by you as a customer, as a result of which you are never faced with unpleasant situations.

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