October 4, 2017

Why Florijn OfficeProfs?

Need a Microsoft Excel expert or a Microsoft Access programmer but don’t know how to start? Florijn OfficeProfs gladly assists you.

Excel expert

Why do you need a MS Office expert?

Often it is a handy employee in your company who has developed a Visual Basic application in Microsoft, in which the entire company works. Unfortunately this employee now leaves the company for a new challenge and you are left to figure things out all by yourself, because there is no one else with that can work with the programmed part of your beautiful Access database or Excel sheet. With Florijn OfficeProfs you have the right experience ready 24/7.

Having to search for the right MS Office programmer is a time-consuming job

U gaat met google aan de slag om zelf een Microsoft Office ontwikkelaar te vinden, maar hoe weet u zeker dat de Microsoft Excel/ Access programmeur die u inhuurt straks ook daadwerkelijk in staat is de software voor u te schrijven die u in gedachten heeft?


Florijn OfficeProfs delivers reliable Office specialists

Our recruiters are Microsoft Office programmers themselves. They link your software-wishes in MS Office to the reliable MS Access experts or programmers that fit your business. Fromout our knowledge and experience a large portion of candidates already drops out during screening. We only wok with ‘the cream of the crop’. Another advantage is that we work with self-employed professionals. No one is on our payroll, so we are able to give an independent and honest advice about which MS Office programmer best suits your request.

Also we only place programmers who have proven themselves already. This way only the best remain to be of service to you. Might an Access programmer or Excel Specialist fall out – for any reason – your development process is not in danger, because Florijn OfficeProfs provides an easy and hassle-free replacement of your temporary employee.

Would you like to know more about the workmethods of our programmers? Than read this.