October 4, 2017

Aernoud Florijn

Aernoud Florijn has been working as a MS Office specialist (in MS Excel & MS Access) since 1995 and has many projects as a developer in MS Office on his name. In 2008 he turned the wheel around and he became the link between Office/VBA-specialists and companies looking for such a specialist.

Feel free to leave a message with your specific question or for more information. Aernoud will contact you as soon as possible.

Aernoud Florijn Contact details:

Reinaert de Vosstraat 13
1055 CL Amsterdam
020 6 254 254

 “It’s my passion to be of service and make people feel right. My blood starts flowing faster when I can make sure the right software is in the right place and I have ensured  if I can ensure that I with the right software at the right spot a business process a lot better and more efficiently. “

Often I see companies struggle dealing witht their data the right way. Microsoft Office and in particular MS Access and MS Excel are the perfect tools to do this. There are no monthly licensing fees, the software is available on most PC’s and you get very quick results. With some help from a professional you will reach stunning results.

But how do you find the best specialist in the jungle of available freelancers?

Since 2007, as a MS Office/VBA programmer, I have built a team of more than 25 professionals around me with the same expertise and much more. I am the link between our customers that want to get more out of MS Office and the available self-employed, because I understand both.

Whether it is an MS Access Programmer with a SAP- or PHP-specialisation or an MS Excel Specialist that transforms your sheet into a well-working application; we have them.