If you are going through a radical transformation as a sector, that demands a lot from all players. In fact, in the energy sector, two transitions are currently taking place at the same time. For both developments, energy companies (whether producers, grid managers, traders or intermediaries) are increasingly relying on ICT.

Energy Transition

The transition from fossil and central energy to sustainable and decentralised energy generation is in full swing.

The 2013 Energy Agreement stipulates that 1.5% of energy must be saved annually and that 14% of the energy generated must be sustainable by 2020.

Digital Transition

The time has passed when energy companies could simply publish their annual accounts on paper or provide meter readings by post. Digital processes and communication are only the beginning of the digital revolution in which the energy sector is in the midst.

Whether it’s Internet or Things, Big Data or blockchain; ICT plays an increasingly important role for all players in the energy market.

“As a natural extension of our organisation, FLORIJN takes on projects for which is actually no room internally, but which must be completed in a highly professional manner.”

Bob Mantel, Business project leader, TenneT TSO

FLORIJN has developed TenneT’s new auction platform that contributes to energy transition


For grid operator TenneT, Florijn App &  Web Solutions has developed an
intelligent and powerful auction platform. The platform will go live on 1 September, and from that date will be helping multiple suppliers of electricity and energy to bring their capacity to auction. That includes making it easier for the suppliers of wind and solar energy to auction their capacity. See video…

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