First time right. Guaranteed successful and efficient development with our unique way of working.

Continuous delivery of high-quality software – we don’t accept less

A set of practices that combines software Development, information-technology Operations, QA which shortens the systems development life cycle and provides continuous delivery with high software quality.

Client Controlling Development

Our Client requests are the central starting point in all our projects.  

First Time Right

The Scrum Agile way of working guarantees a first time right development process. 

Continuous delivery

An every two weeks delivery of your software. Development in the rhythm of a heartbeat.  

Lower failure rate of new releases

DevOps aims to maximize the predictability, efficiency, security, and maintainability of operational processes.

“DevOps & Cloud”

A Dynamic Duo to Accelerate Your Business Performance

Meet our three promises. Continuous Delivery, a Low Failure Rate of new releases, and a First Time Right Delivery.

A Unique Agile Approach and Collaboration

Florijn has built its agile approach around the client controlling development, first-time-right delivery and easiness to work with Florijn. Our agile approach and collaboration with our Client’s Project Teamwork as follows:

Sprint preparation

The Florijn Delivery Manager specifies the user stories, prioritizes the user stories (with the development team) and estimates the necessary effort in story points. Based on dependencies between user stories and the priority of each story, a preferred order for system development is determined.

Sprint planning

The Florijn Delivery Manager proposes the scope of the upcoming sprint, based on the business priorities and development team capacity (number of engineers).

Backlog Refinement Meeting

The Florijn development team reviews the content of all stories within the sprint with the client. Stories are adjusted where necessary.

Two-week Sprint Execution

Florijn develops/test/delivers the stories as specified. The development team holds daily scrums, whereby each team member informs the team on results to
date and next steps.

Sprint Review Meeting

The Florijn development team demonstrates to the Client all functionality and
other results delivered (analysis documents, etc.).

Functional acceptance

Florijn asks the client to functionally accept the delivered Sprint within one
working day. This is easily done as all results have been already reviewed with our client.

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