About Us

Why Choose Florijn?

Florijn AWS is not the only IT service provider. There are plenty of choices. Why Florijn? Particularly when it comes to complex and business-critical software issues, when you want to quickly solve an issue, when quality is paramount. Florijn was founded in 1998. Started as a specialist in subletting MS Office development professionals, now 22 years later has grown to a multinational software development service provider.

“As a natural extension of our organisation, they take on projects for which is actually no room internally, but which must be completed in a highly professional manner.”

Bob Mantel, Business project leader, TenneT TSO

4 Reasons to choose for Florijn

  • If you think it’s important that agreements are kept.
    At Florijn you can rest assured that we keep our promises. Because of our medium size, we can live up to that. Our company is of sufficient size to handle large projects but at the same time small enough for a personal approach and flexibility.


  • If you want guaranteed results for complex and business-critical software issues.
    If things get really complex, Florijn is the place to be. It’s not for nothing that our help is regularly called in when things get too complicated for others or when projects are in danger of going wrong.
  • Knowledge of your market
    If you see technical solutions as a tool to innovate your business, technology is never an end in itself for Florijn. That is why we always look further and immerse ourselves in your business and specific situation. The result is innovative and industry-specific solutions.


  • If you want to be able to rely on your supplier even in a poor economic climate
    Florijn has been in the black since it was founded in 1998. We are convinced that this independence is a guarantee of continuity for you.